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Cardiovascular Surgeon in Pune

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Cardiovascular Surgeon

 Who is a Cardiovascular Surgeon?

Cardiovascular specialists work on your heart and veins to fix the damage that is caused by the illness of the cardiovascular system.

Often times it happens, Diagnosis of your heart pain begins with your primary care doctor and then your primary doctor suggests you the best Cardiologist. If your Cardiologist doctor decides to have cardiovascular surgery then ultimately you become a new member of the health heart team.

The cardiovascular Surgeon has good knowledge, that he can conduct different types of operations, including heart valve repair, bypass surgery, coronary artery bypass surgery, etc.


Dr. Kedar Kulkarni – Cardiovascular Surgeon

Dr. Kedar Kulkarni is one of the best renowned Cardiovascular Surgeons in Pune and has experience of more than 9 years in this field. He communicates well with patients and performed hundreds of successful surgeries and he got hundreds of positive feedback from their happy patients. He is a leading Cardiovascular Doctor, provides services like a Stress test, Electrocardiogram, Coronary Angioplasty, etc.

Dr. Kedar Kulkarni practices at Jupiter hospital in Baner, in Pune. He had completed his MBBS from Grant Medical College, J J Group of hospital Mumbai in 1998, DNB (Medicine) from KEM Hospital Pune in 2003, and DNB (Cardiology) from Narayana Hrudayalay Insitute Of Cardiac Sciences, Banglore in 2008.

Additionally, He received advanced training in Interventional Cardiologist. Interventional cardiologists are trained in cardiology, and then continue on for additional training in interventional cardiology. This extra training allows them to perform minimally invasive procedures involving small incisions and catheters instead of traditional surgery. These procedures are used to diagnose and treat diseases such as heart valve disorders; coronary artery disease; congenital heart disease; endocarditis; peripheral artery disease.

Besides, Dr. Kedar Kulkarni has the experience to deal, the challenging cases like congenital heart defects, coronary artery diseases, heart failures, valvular heart diseases, and electrophysiology, etc. If you are suffering any pain in your heart and you are willing to protect your heart, then meet and contact one of the most established cardiovascular doctors in Pune[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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